about me


I grew up in a small town in Alberta, Canada and I loved every inch of that small town! I’ve been a very lucky person my whole life, it has been full of love right from the start. My mom and dad were and are the most incredible and wonderful parents who always knew I was different and that is just the way it was. My siblings and I have always been close and they keep me grounded and help me find the humor in being gifted. Currently I live in a small town in southern Alberta and I am married to a really great guy that I love. I was blessed with two wonderful and supportive sons who fill my life with love and laughter. I am fortunate to have a daughter in law that stole my heart and gifted us with my 4 sweet and beautiful grandchildren.

People ask me when I started feeling, seeing and hearing spirit.  My answer is, I can’t remember a time of not knowing or having a relationship with spirit. As a child, and still today I have had a loving relationship with God.  I am not an overly religious person but I do believe that my gifts and abilities come from God and are of Him.  This relationship has taught me to embrace my gifts, it was however a long road.  I did not always understand my psychic/medium abilities and was at times frightened by them.  As a child and young woman I tried ignoring and pushing my gifts away.  The messages, visions and voices were confusing and at times created great anxiety in my life.  Gratefully my relationship with my mom and God helped me walk my path and embrace my journey.   I have learned my gifts come from God; they are light and love.

When I was 17 years old I began working in the medical field in extended care.  This opportunity really helped in setting my foundation for future work.  I was blessed to know many kindnesses and love and to spend time with the elderly and understand the final journey on this side of life.  As a result I know there are many good people in heaven that love and guide me.

Working with people on their final journey helped me to keep an open mind and ignited my quest for alternative and holistic care.  I have welcomed teachings from all realms of support which has resulted in me expanding and fine tuning my gifts through embracing modern medicine and care techniques, to receiving training at a Master level in Reiki to Mediumship training.

I believe that as human beings we have gifts and experiences with spirit throughout our lives.  Some call these experiences signs, others serendipity or karma. Through my life experiences and formal training I have honed my gifts and can help you to understand the messages sent to you from the other side.

Tracy Ralph