• “My name is Kellie Saucier and on May22/17 Tracy Ralph did a reading for me. She was very professional and very compassionate. My dad came through and was very accurate with what my dad had to say. I would definitely see her again for another reading. Thanks again”

    Kellie Saucier
  • “I was fortunate enough to get a brief reading done by Tracy. She hit right on point with many of her messages she was giving me, ones that a stranger would never know. Many of the messages were exactly what I have been searching for and needed.  I was able to clear my mind and gain focus again in many aspects of my life. I feel very blessed that Tracy took the time and shared her gift with me, and entered my life and brought a lot of clarity to my future. Even though the reading and messages were for me, I know my whole family had benefited from them. Thank -you Tracy for delivering messages to me that made me laugh, cry and heal.”

    Amber F.
  • “I was recently gifted a Bridge Reading by Tracy.  Her interpretation of my good friend was remarkable.  The message and story he shared with her was one that I absolutely needed to hear.  Tracy’s gifts are authentic and essential.  Cheri’s poem was a healing snap shot of the reading that I was able to share.  I am so grateful for this experience.”